How to Measure Indoor Air Pollution

Substances containing volatile organic compounds, particulate matter and fumes from gas appliances can reduce indoor air quality. Airborne irritants could bother your respiratory system and eyes, cause headaches and result in fatigue. Because no single thing is always the source of indoor air pollution, you need multiple devices to measure indoor air pollution.

Types of Indoor Air Pollution Sensors

  • VOC Sensor
  • Carbon Dioxide Meter
  • Carbon Monoxide Meter
  • Mold Detector
  • Radon Detector

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that people place one sensor for every 10,000 square feet.

Sources of Indoor Air Pollution

Gas-burning appliances, new carpeting and flooring, chemical cleaning products and excessive moisture are some of the most common sources of indoor air pollution. A professional air quality test provides you with a wide-ranging analysis of what might be affecting your indoor air. After identifying pollutants, you can take steps to remove sources of pollution and cleanse the air.

Air Quality Solutions

You can take steps to improve air quality by removing chemicals containing volatile organic compounds. Moving chemical products to a shed or garage will shift their pollutants out of your living quarters. Improving ventilation might solve problems related to moisture buildup that triggers mold growth. If radon gas is infiltrating your home from the ground, then you would need to have a special vent built to move the harmful gas outside. You might choose to install a carbon monoxide or radon detector so that you’re alerted to pollution if it suddenly develops.

An air purification system installed by Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning in Kirkland, WA, will remove airborne irritants that threaten your health. We can integrate air purification with your heating and cooling system so that it filters pollutants as the air circulates.

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