Seattle Hot Water Heaters with Black Lion HVACWater heater technologies are diversifying, with many homeowners in Seattle, WA choosing between standard, hybrid, and tankless water heaters. Our plumbers are water heater repair experts, no matter what kind of system you currently have. If you’re considering water heater replacement, they can explain your options for direct replacement, a move from traditional tank-based to hybrid, and a switch to tankless hot water. Each one has its initial, operational, and typical water heater repair costs to consider as you make your choice. Water heater repairs or water heater replacement, we’re the hot water heater professionals to call.

    Professional Water Heater Repair in Seattle

    There are two main concerns in water heater repair: restoring reliable, efficient hot water production, and protecting your home against damage from leaks and tank failure. Our skilled plumbers can inspect your hot water heater and determine what water heater repairs it needs, from burner or electric heater repairs to tank servicing. If your tank-based unit is getting older, the possibility of severe damage from leaks may lead to a discussion about water heater replacement as well.

    Your home’s traditional tank-based water heater typically lasts over a decade, and it keeps using energy to keep about 40 gallons of water hot. Homeowners in Seattle consider hybrid tank-based water heaters that use heat pump technology to warm the water, saving significantly on energy costs. They also look to tankless water heaters that not only use energy on an as-needed basis for substantial savings, they also last much longer than tank-based units. However, installation costs tend to be higher.

    I Need Help With My Hot Water Heater!

    Whatever type of water heater you have, here are some important reasons to call us:
    • Warning messages on your water heater display
    • Hot water with odd tastes or smells
    • Hot water temperature or pressure variations
    • Hot water with sediment or discoloration
    • The water heater is making banging or booming sounds

    Professional Water Heater Repair in SeattleWhen you’re facing water heater replacement instead of additional water heater repairs, you may want to consider your options in addition to your current hot water heater technology. Hybrid units are typically a bit taller and need headroom for the heat pump, with a bit more complexity involved such as the compressor, control system, and backup electric heating element. Long-lived and sophisticated tankless units are often designed for an easier switch from tank-based units these days, with less space required. The on-demand hot water capability of tankless uses a lot less energy overall, but requires a larger capacity gas or electric connection because it uses brief bursts of energy, rather than long-term warming in traditional units. We can provide full information on how your choice will affect installation costs and long-term operational costs.

    Trusted Seattle Water Heater Replacement

    For over 20 years the plumbers at Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning have been serving King and Snohomish Counties and into Pierce County as well, committed to the best service and value for plumbing equipment, services, and information. Whether you need skilled water heater repair or help to decide which type of water heater technology is right for your home, Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning can help.

    Save Long-Term with a Tankless Water Heater in Seattle

    Save Long-Term with a Tankless Water HeaterWhen your water heater stops working, it can make for a very unpleasant morning shower. Give Black Lion a call, and we can determine if you need a repair or a full replacement. We offer the traditional tank water heaters as well as the more energy-efficient tankless sort.

    A traditional water heater is more cost-effective up front, but uses more energy and produces higher energy bills than tankless. It heats the water in the tank, regardless of whether you actually need hot water or not. It then replenishes the tank and heats it back up when any is used.

    A tankless water heater heats the water as it is used – instead of wasting energy pre-heating water to a predetermined temperature and keeping this water hot. Never run out of hot water with a tankless water heater.

    Traditional Water Heaters

    Less expensive up-front, but has about half the lifespan of a tankless heater.

    Tankless Water Heaters

    More expensive up-front. More energy efficient and will lower your energy bills.

    Water Heater Replacement

    We’d be happy to discuss replacing your existing water heater.

    Would you like to know more about hot water heaters or arrange for expert water heater repair in Seattle or the nearby area? Contact Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning today! We also provide expert heating and air conditioning services in Seattle.

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