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    Furnace Company in Kirkland WAKirkland gets awfully cold during the winter. If you have any type of heating system in your home, you want to make sure it works so that you remain comfortable. At Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand that you depend on a reliable heat source to keep you and your family warm during Kirkland’s icy winters. As your furnace company, we can address whatever issue your heating system may be experiencing.

    We’ve been helping families in Kirkland stay comfortable for over 20 years.

    Furnace Company in Kirkland WA

    Customers in the area rely on us because we:
    • Have NATE-certified heating technicians
    • Offer free estimates
    • Service all makes and models
    • Offer financing on approved credit

    We’re Your Reliable Heating Contractors for Repairs

    Furnace Company in Kirkland WABlack Lion Heating & Air Conditioning can send a fully trained heating technician to diagnose and repair any heating system problem you’re encountering in Kirkland.

    You can look to us for:

    Heating Installation & Replacement Services

    At Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning in Kirkland, we supply a wide variety of residential heating systems. We can help you decide what heating options would work best in your home. Replacing your furnace provides an opportunity to have a more efficient model installed that not only saves energy but is also more environmentally sound.

    A new ducted heat pump will use your existing ducts to heat your home. Installing a ductless heat pump allows you to adjust the temperature in each room.

    Gas Furnaces and Heat Pumps

    You want to be comfortable when it’s chilly outside. But heating your home has a cost – both financially and environmentally. We, at Black Lion, will work with you to determine your preferences and determine the best of those options for your home.

    Heating Contractors in Kirkland with Black LionChoose from a bevy of options. Want a new, more efficient furnace? We can help. Want the ability to cool your home in summer and a more efficient way to heat it when the weather turns cool? We offer a variety of heat pumps that work to both heat your home in cold weather and cool your home in hot weather. Want more controlled heating in specific areas of your house using your current ductwork? A traditional heat pump will get you there. Want a heat pump with a more efficient return and lower energy bills? We can install a ductless heat pump system.

    • Gas Furnaces– Replace your current gas furnace with a more efficient one
    • Ducted Heat Pumps– Replace your current furnace and utilize your current ductwork with a more efficient heat pump that also allows you to cool your home
    • Ductless Heat Pumps– A ductless heat pump adds even more energy efficiency to your home than a ducted heat pump. It allows for variable temperatures from room-to-room.

    Not looking for furnace repair? We also offer AC service as well.

    Kirkland’s Routine Maintenance Providers

    Our furnace company can perform routine and recommended maintenance on your heating system. Without regular service and inspections from experienced heating technicians, your furnace can get clogged, and the gears may not move right. This often leads to additional problems. We’ll perform the necessary maintenance on your heating system so that it continues to function optimally.

    As your heating contractors in Kirkland, Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning will be there for you in your time of need. Give us a call today to set up service for your heating system.