Charging your Electric Vehicle at home is a convenient, money-saving option that ensures your vehicle is charged and ready when you are. When it comes to home EV chargers, there are two primary options available – plugin charging stations and hardwired charging stations.

Plugin EV Chargers

Plugin EV chargers let you insert your mobile charger for your EV directly into a dedicated 240-volt outlet. This type of charger gives you a more flexible option depending on your vehicle’s compatibility with different types of EV chargers.

Installation of this dedicated 240-volt outlet circuit includes the following:
  • AFCI/ARC fault breakers
  • GFCI receptacle for plug in capability
Plug in EV charger

Hardwired EV Chargers

The hardwired EV chargers are a more permanent solution to your EV charging needs. This option is suitable for multiple panel amperages, as most hardwired charges allow installation ranging from 20AMPS to 60AMPS dependent on the electrical panel.

The hardwired installation includes the following:
  • AFCI/ARC breakers
  • Dedicated circuit
Hardwired EV charger
There are several available solutions for your installation, and pricing is varied depending on your custom needs and home electrical set up. Black Lion electricians are licensed, experienced, and available to perform your EV Charger Installation. Don’t forget to check out our other electrical services. Schedule your free install estimate with Black Lion today!