Water Heaters in IssaquahManagement of your home’s hot water supply is more than keeping up with water heater repair in Issaquah, WA. At Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning, we handle many types of water heater replacement systems. We repair standard tank-based, hybrid, and tankless water heaters, so we know a lot about them. Our plumbers can tell you what to expect when you make a change. We’ll review the initial costs, operational expenses, and typical repairs. For many families, the motivation for change from standard to hybrid or tankless is the energy savings available in Issaquah.

    Water Heater Repair Experts in Issaquah

    A critical part of water heater replacement and repair is being able to schedule them on your own terms. That’s one reasons we encourage our customers to have regular water heater maintenance and inspections, so they know when their system needs repairs, or it’s time for replacement. This is especially true of tank-based systems, where corrosion of the tank wall can result in bursting and water damage.

    Preventive water heater repair can help you reduce your energy costs, and protect against problems that shorten the heater’s life. For example, in tank-based units the anode rod should be checked and replaced to reduce corrosion, and the heating unit needs a tune-up to ensure reliability and efficiency. Hybrid units need heat pump care also, and tankless water heaters require filter, vent, and sensor checks plus sediment removal.

    Here are some important reasons customers call to have their hot water checked:
    • Water heater displays warning messages
    • Hot water with odd tastes or smells
    • Temperature or pressure variations in hot water flow
    • Sediment or discoloration in your hot water
    • Unusual water heater sounds

    Before it’s time for water heater replacement, we can help you plan ahead with the best new water heater type for your needs. Considerations include the space required for each type, power or gas line needs, and anticipated energy usage.

    Water Heater Repair Experts in Issaquah

    Of course, your family will be interested in whether you install a 40 gallon or larger tank, or the unlimited supply of a tankless unit!

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    Our experienced, licensed plumbers at Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning have been helping homeowners for over 20 years. We’re here to answer your questions about water heater technology and ensure that operation and replacement are both easy to deal with.

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