Edmonds AC Maintenance

    Most of us love the summertime. However, Edmonds, WA residents don’t need to experience these glorious summers without AC. This is one of the many reasons why AC maintenance should be a priority. We take pride in keeping Edmonds residents cool during the summer months. We do this by performing a detailed, comprehensive AC tune-up for our customers. We’ll get your air conditioner running like the day it was installed!

    The Benefits of an AC Tune-Up in Edmonds

    An AC tune-up is a preventative step that everyone should include in the care and maintenance of their AC systems. These important preventative maintenance checks allow our cooling technicians to accurately assess the condition of your HVAC system, clean things out, and calibrate everything to work like it should. Not only is professional AC maintenance often required by your system manufacturer to keep your warranty in place, it can actually help you save money by improving efficiency and catching problems before they turn into something worse.

    Our AC maintenance technicians will show up on time and:
    • Check refrigerant level
    • Clean coils
    • Check the electrical components
    • Calibrate your HVAC system

    Our licensed and experienced technicians do much more as well. However, there are key things that our technicians check to confirm the overall health of your AC system. The checks we perform are essential. When your AC is running efficiently, your utility bills are lower and your home is cooler and more comfortable.

    AC Maintenance from a Company You Can Count On

    AC Maintenance from a Company You Can Count OnOur customers come first and we take pride in showing this fact. We can show up to your home or business with the cutting-edge tools and experience needed to rectify the situation quickly and efficiently. We can accomplish this without the help of everyone on our team, from the people you call to the technicians that arrive at your home or business.

    We know everything about your AC system from top to bottom and it’s our pleasure to restore comfort to your home or business. We can replace any parts that have become worn or make adjustments to your air conditioner so that you’re cool when the summer winds start to hit the air. We know that small things like dirty condenser coils can affect the overall performance of your furnace. Whatever’s impeding the overall performance of your AC system is our problem to solve and we’ll do it with a quickness.

    To schedule your next AC tune-up with our team, please call us today!

    We also want to keep you warm during the winter months. Count on our team for furnace maintenance, too!

    If you’re experiencing an AC repair issue and your AC is blowing hot when it should be blowing cold, give us a call. We want to restore your comfort.

    If you’re considering a new air conditioner, we’re the team to call. We offer trusted, professional AC replacement service.

    We can also help with cooling maintenance in the following areas: