Bothell AC Maintenance

    You can prevent unexpected AC breakdowns and escape the high summer temperatures in Bothell, WA, by scheduling regular AC maintenance with an industry expert. Even if you have a high-quality and professionally installed unit, natural wear and tear happen over time. With regular AC tune-ups from Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning, you never have to worry about a malfunctioning system in the middle of the season.

    The Best AC Maintenance in Bothell

    Nothing beats a cool indoor space during the warmer months of the year. However, consistent AC use during these periods can lead to reduced efficiency and, in some cases, total breakdowns. To limit the constant repairs on your unit, you can seek professional AC maintenance services from Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning. Our HVAC technicians provide reliable AC maintenance in Bothell to ensure that your system keeps you and your loved ones cooler and refreshed throughout the hot summer.

    Regular maintenance helps with energy efficiency as your unit won’t consume excessive energy to maintain the right temperatures. Maintenance also ensures that you make the necessary repairs on your system sooner than later. Our professionals are highly skilled, enabling them to find any potential issues with your system. This can be the difference between affordable repairs and making a new installation.

    Preventative AC Maintenance in Mukilteo

    Here are a few benefits that Bothell homeowners enjoy by scheduling regular maintenance with us.
    • Improved efficiency
    • Better indoor comfort
    • Extended AC lifespan
    • Better air quality

    In addition, even if your AC unit has served your home for a considerable time without any significant issues, it’s wise to call a professional from Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning for an annual preventative AC tune-up. For a majority of the AC units, you can have them serviced annually. Our professionals will do a thorough inspection of your system on the inside and outside.

    Your Professional AC Tune-Up Company

    Your home’s comfort is our priority. As such, we work hard to ensure that your unit works properly and efficiently all year round through quality AC maintenance services. Don’t wait till your system breaks down to call for service. Instead, ask our professionals to schedule AC tune-up services, so you never have to worry about such inconveniences.

    All our technicians are fully licensed, NATE-certified, and always committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction. In our more than 20 years of service, we’ve always received positive reviews from our clients for our top-notch services. We always respond on time and complete the job as quickly as possible without compromising quality.

    Reach out to Black Lion Heating and Air Conditioning professionals for an AC tune-up to ensure that your unit is ready to go when the hot months arrive. We always aim at exceeding your expectations in every task. Call today!

    We also offer great heating maintenance to keep your comfy all winter long. Having trouble that can’t wait for a tune-up? Our technicians are always here to handle any AC repair you need. While maintenance can keep an air conditioner running for many years, sometimes it’s time to upgrade. Ask about our AC replacement options today!
    We can also help with cooling maintenance in the following areas: