Why Choose AC?

A ceiling fan alone may not be able to keep your house cool and comfortable on a hot and humid summer night. In some cases, not having an AC in your home could even pose a health hazard for you or one of your family members on a very hot day.

Why Choose AC?

An Air Conditioning System Can Help Keep Your Family Safe

Without an air conditioner in your home, it will probably be necessary to keep a window or door open to allow in cool air. Leaving windows and doors open may also be the only way to allow fresh air to circulate throughout the interior spaces of your house. Of course, leaving open access to your residence for an intruder is an invitation to crime. With a central air system, you can keep windows and doors closed without sacrificing your comfort.

Air Conditioners Get Rid of the Humidity in the Air

Your cooling system will keep the temperature in your home at a consistent level whenever it is running. However, it will remove excess moisture from the air as well. As drier air tends to feel cooler, you can use less energy and potentially save money on your utility bills.

Cool the Whole House Evenly

When you open a window in the bedroom, you can expect to cool the air in that single location. However, this means that the kitchen, living room, and guest bedroom are still hot and uncomfortable. A central AC system keeps the whole house at the same temperature. It may also be possible to install a zone cooling system in your home. Doing so could allow a person in the living room to lower the temperature, while someone in a bedroom could raise it to his or her own preference.

Trust the Professionals

At Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning, we know that the Seattle area generally has a pleasant climate. We’re not in the tropics, but it still gets uncomfortably hot in the summer. An air conditioning system can change that, and we install cooling units. We also repair ACs and perform routine cooling maintenance. Of course, we also do the same for heating equipment, water heaters, and electrical services. If you’re looking to keep your home comfortable throughout the year, give us a call in Kirkland today!

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