Humidifiers and Healthy Homes

When the weather turns cold, dry air becomes a problem. If there’s not enough moisture in the air, you won’t look or feel your best. A humidifier can help improve your home environment. Here are some examples of what adding moisture to the air in your home could do for your overall wellness.

Skin Health

Humidifiers and Healthy HomesDry air can really do a number on your skin. When your environment doesn’t contain enough humidity, you might struggle with cracked lips, rough hands, a scratchy throatand a flaky face. As your nasal passages dry out, you might deal with nosebleeds or stuffiness.

Equipping your home in Seattle with a whole-house humidifier from Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning can help you feel more comfortable in your skin in any weather.

Illness Relief

When you have a respiratory infection, getting better as soon as possible is a top priority. Dry air can aggravate illness symptoms like a sore throat and an incessant cough, but humidified air can help you feel better.

Plus, a humidifier may decrease the chances that a bug will spread from one family member to another. Moist air helps your body’s natural germ-filtering systems work their best, and scientific research indicates that influenza viruses can’t survive in the humid air as easily as they can in dry air.

Static Reduction

When your air isn’t moist enough, free electrons in the environment may latch onto your skin and clothes. They’ll hang out with you for a while, but once you touch a metal object or another person, the electrons are likely to travel from you to the other object and give you a painful shock in the process.

Keeping your air at the proper humidity level can reduce this problem. In a humidified environment, those free electrons will just roll right past you.

Professional Installation

Although humidifying your home is beneficial, it’s important not to overdo it. Adding too much moisture to the air could cause a buildup of condensation on your walls, which might encourage mold growth. To ensure that your home’s humidity is adjusted to the proper level, it’s important to have your whole-home humidifier professionally installed and maintained.

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