Here Are a Few Ways to Shut Down Your Furnace

Heat in the winter is nice, but your unit should not be constantly running. If you have a furnace that will not shut off, you need to put in a service call. With the heater in constant operation, you could be causing harm to your entire system.

What Causes the Heat to Stay On?

There are several reasons causing your heater to stay on. Some of the most common problems are the following.

Here Are a Few Ways to Shut Down Your Furnace

1. A bad thermostat: This is the most common issue. A defective unit will have a non-responsive switch, poor wiring, or a faulty heating sensor. In most cases, the thermostat will need to be replaced with a new unit.

2. A damaged primary controller: In some cases, the main heating element is damaged. The primary controller is often the cause of the problem. Some other mechanical issues may be at fault as well.

3. A defective check valve: If your heating system relies on hot water, the check valve can keep your heater on. A good check valve circulates water and keeps the heater running efficiently. If this is a problem, you need to contact a professional heating technician for a furnace replacement.

There Are Ways to Turn Off Your Heat

If you want to prevent any further damage, you will need to shut off the heating system. You will want to start with the thermostat. You can try to raise the thermostat’s temperature in the room. In some cases, that can help to switch it off. If your thermostat has a “cool/heat off” switch, you will be able to cut the heat off in your home.

Finally, you may need to cut the power. Many systems have an “on/off” switch near the furnace area. Once you have powered down the unit, you need to call us for an immediate service visit.

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