If you live in Washington, you’re no stranger to winter rain and chilly temperatures, and you likely know the value of a comfortable climate inside your home that shelters you from the cold weather. It goes without saying, you can’t keep your home cozy unless you have a reliable furnace or heat pump installed, and the benefit of finding a great heating company in Edmonds, WA is invaluable. If you’re looking for a heating contractor that can keep your house warm during the city’s fall and winter months, rely on Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning.

    Heating Company in Edmonds, WA

    Reputable Heating Company in Edmonds

    When you need the advice and assistance of a professional HVAC contractor, Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help. We can provide professional installation, maintenance and repair to ensure your furnace or heat pump works as it should and your home stays comfortable year-round.

    Contact a Heating Technician Today!

    There are many times you might require the assistance of an HVAC technician. Having your system installed professionally is normally required by your manufacturer’s warranty, and regular inspections and maintenance are important to ensure your home is heated evenly and efficiently. Additionally, having an HVAC team clear your air ducts and ensure other components of your system are functioning as they should can ensure you maintain affordable energy costs.

    Reputable Heating Company in Edmonds

    On top of installation and maintenance, there may be times when your system requires repair. You might want to consider contacting your HVAC contractor for repairs if:
    • Your furnace is making strange, clunky sounds
    • You have a musty or dusty smell
    • Rooms in your home are heating unevenly
    • Your heat simply isn’t coming on

    At Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning, our team of reliable and professional HVAC technicians can inspect any problems that arise with your heating system and ensure your home is comfortable and warm all year long.

    Edmonds’ Trusted Heating Contractor

    We are the heating contractor for you. Whether you need to purchase a brand new furnace or you need to schedule an appointment for one you’ve already got, trust the pros at Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning. We can provide you with reliable, honest help and we’re committed to always putting our customers’ needs first. We service heating systems in Edmonds, as well as throughout the entire Seattle metropolitan area.

    Call us today to schedule an estimate. We are the heating company that always delivers. Looking for service on your air conditioner? We can provide cooling services, too!