Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning is a heating company that helps customers in Bothell, WA with any heating-related issue. We have been in the industry for two decades and intend to continue serving residents of the city. Our technicians are fully licensed, and NATE-certified and have high customer satisfaction ratings.

    Heating Company in Bothell

    We strive to always exceed expectations and provide sound advice to help our clients acquire the best heating solutions for their homes. You can always rely on us because we are confident with our skills and experience.

    Reliable Furnace Company in Bothell

    When your furnace keeps acting up or suddenly malfunctions, please get in touch with us immediately. We are fully equipped and exceptionally skilled to resolve any problems with your heating system. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect the system, determine the cause of the problem and provide permanent solutions. Your furnace will be in top shape when you contact us for heating repair.

    Reliable Furnace Company in Bothell

    Watch out for these signs:
    • Strange noises from furnace
    • Inadequate heat
    • Leaks
    • Higher utility bills
    • Unpleasant smells

    As soon as you suspect there might be something wrong with your furnace, call us immediately to avoid other issues down the road.

    Trusted and Dependable Furnace Installation

    Are you thinking of acquiring a new heating system for your home? Ensure that you only work with professional installers to prevent problems with warranty and repairs due to incorrect installation. You can always trust Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning because we have expert technicians who can work with all make and models. Whether you’re looking to get a malfunctioning furnace replaced or buying an energy-efficient unit, we can help. Call us, and we’ll dispatch a certified technician right away.

    Expert Heating Company for Maintenance

    Expert Heating Company for Maintenance To extend the lifespan of your heating system and avoid costly repairs, ensure that you regularly maintain your furnace. Apart from replacing the air filters and cleaning the unit, it’s essential that you also get it professionally serviced so you are completely prepared for a freezing winter in Bothell. We can provide a thorough tune-up of your heating system to keep it working optimally.

    For effective heating services, please call us to get started.

    Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning also provides cooling services to all residents. We can help with AC repair, installation and maintenance.