Why You Should Inspect the HVAC System Separately Before Buying a New Home

The short answer is “yes.” Always arrange to inspect your HVAC system before planning to buy a new house. The normal home inspections that are done when a house changes hands are nothing more than just turning on the furnace and air conditioning systems to make sure that they work. A home’s HVAC system may hide a lot more of which you need to be aware before placing your signature to complete the purchase.

Installing a New HVAC System Is Costly

If you move ahead with purchasing the home and your HVAC system breaks down, replacing it can be costly depending on how bad the damage is. You need to know beforehand whether the HVAC system is truly in good condition or whether there exists the possibility that you will experience issues with it at some point. At Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning, we take pride in looking out for the health and comfort of our loyal customers in the Kirkland community. We’ll let you know exactly what condition the HVAC system of the house you plan to purchase is in so that you can avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.

Awareness of Efficiency and Energy Costs

Just because the home you want to buy has an HVAC system that works doesn’t mean that you’re in the clear yet. If you purchase a property with a less-than-optimal HVAC system, you may end up paying excessive energy bills in the long run. A separate inspection will let you know just how efficient the HVAC system is and whether it has room for improvement. You may find that with some minimal repairs, you can bring the house’s cooling, heating, and ventilation systems up to the most efficient levels.

Contact a Knowledgeable Local Professional

If you’re a prospective home buyer in Kirkland, Washington, contact Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning today to thoroughly inspect your HVAC system for your new home-to-be. Our NATE-certified technicians also offer electrical services for your home’s needs.

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