Why You Need a Home Maintenance Plan

Maintenance Plan in Kirkland, WA

Homeownership requires hands-on responsibility when addressing maintenance issues on vital parts of the household. Prevention is always better than a cure which is true when it concerns your home’s state. A minor issue can become a more significant problem and be a real headache affecting expenses, insurance, warranties, and safety. It becomes difficult, expensive, and time-consuming to fix if something goes wrong. A home maintenance plan will cover all these issues and protect you against incurring breakdown costs. Here are some of the benefits a maintenance plan offers to your home.

Regular Maintenance

Home components such as boilers, HVAC, and plumbing require regular servicing with a scheduled service plan. It is relatively easy to forget these schedules, but having the right plan offers the best maintenance advantage and keeps track of all maintenance requirements in your home. Regular maintenance reduces plumbing leaks, clogs, cooling breakdowns, electrical faults, and water heating failures. The home systems work more efficiently, reducing energy loss and thus lowering utility bills. In addition, these maintained home systems would function longer and prevent costly replacements for an extended period.

Reduced Emergency Fees

Any home system, even when well-tuned, can still develop unexpected problems mainly due to extreme weather conditions or extensive usage causing a severe catastrophe. Unexpected emergencies are also caused by equipment age, as it is impossible to determine how long plumbing pipes, electrical wiring, or HVAC systems will last without developing a problem. With a home maintenance plan, you will get scheduled emergency services at no extra cost and receive expert repair services. Immediate repairs avoid further damage to your home systems, reduces bills, and saves on replacement costs. Any problem that requires close attention is dealt with when the maintenance service is contacted.

Cost Saving

A home maintenance plan can ensure you save a considerable amount of money. Any repair will certainly cost money, but it prevents unexpected issues from developing later, leading to higher costs. Hiring an emergency repair service tends to be costly if a problem occurs within the home. These extra costs worsen an already unsavory situation. Instead of paying additional fees on one-off services, you will save money by investing in a home maintenance plan that protects you from these unreasonable costs. You are assured that no matter the repair work needed, the charge is always pocket friendly.

Evaluating Your Essential Systems

Regular maintenance and repair of all your home equipment will give them a longer life and enjoy its benefits. A maintenance plan will help you determine the needs of your home, ensure proper environmental control and efficiency and provide a longer lifespan for the installed units. Factors to consider when assessing your system requirements include the size of the home, the number of people living there, and the power usage. The information allows you to modify your home maintenance plan to accommodate various recommendations from your service provider to create a comfortable home environment with efficient systems. The maintenance service provider will give you the appropriate maintenance schedule for your equipment and any necessary future upgrades.

Expertise and Insight

Other than saving you money and protecting your home, an added advantage of a home maintenance plan is providing knowledge, insight, and expertise. Companies offering home maintenance services provide specialists who perform a professional job with maintenance and excellent work quality. They are always ready when something happens and are a moment’s notice away, eliminating the need to flick yellow pages looking for repair services. The team of experts provides advice on the issues in your home based on their years of experience. Rather than planning everything yourself, you will get help creating the best home maintenance plan.


As a homeowner, continually doing maintenance tasks can be annoying and tiresome and likely lead to your home operating less efficiently. Dismissing your home’s maintenance needs is easy, especially when you don’t know what needs to be done. However, in the background, most components in your home need to be maintained for them to run efficiently and smoothly. Some systems, like the furnace, require the filters to be periodically cleaned and replaced, which can sometimes be overlooked. A home maintenance plan will ensure each home system is attended to at the right time to avoid poor performance and early breakdown.

Home Insurance

Home insurance is essential and valuable if damage occurs to your home and repairs are needed. However, if your home is not adequately maintained, the insurance company may fail to pay the claim or revoke your policy. The companies must perform a home inspection to make general maintenance, liability issues, and safety recommendations. Your claim depends on your home’s condition, and if damages resulted from the undermaintained property, you are not compensated. Instead of waiting for damages to occur or depending on insurance companies, getting a home maintenance plan will help to avoid these issues.


Just like insurance, warranties in-home equipment will not be honored if a breakdown results from a lack of maintenance. Warranties are offered to cover any faults in products as long as they are used properly and are regularly maintained. In addition, components that are well maintained last longer, and if they wear out from age, the warranty covers the cost of replacement or repair. A home maintenance plan will ensure that your home equipment maintains valid warranties as you continue to use them.

Home Value

A home continually increases in value as time passes. However, the value is not only affected by the market but also by its current state. When a house hits the market, the buyer hires a home inspector to determine the state of the home. The inspector looks at the home’s condition and the installed systems and appliances. A house in poor condition will fetch a meager price, or you may be forced to fix any issues before making any purchase. With a home maintenance plan, you won’t have to do last-minute repairs and maintenance if you put your home up for sale.

Peace of Mind

System failures happen without notice, and you are constantly worried that something will break down as a homeowner. People think about it only when a piece of equipment fails. Such incidents cause a hassle to be put right and deliver unexpected repair bills. A home maintenance plan gives you peace of mind knowing that regular servicing and maintenance will detect problems before they occur. If a problem occurs, you are assured that the repair service will fix it in no time to avoid further damage.

A home maintenance plan benefits every homeowner in many different ways. Given that potential expensive damages can occur at any given time, it stands to reason that you need a maintenance plan to reap its benefits. Maintenance plans help to tune up all your systems and keep them running efficiently. Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning offers home maintenance plans for heating and cooling systems. We can install and repair HVAC systems, heat pumps, and ductless AC units. Our professionals also offer indoor air quality solutions and electrical services. For more information about or services or to schedule an appointment, contact us at Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning.