What Happens During an HVAC Repair?

All HVAC systems will require some kind of maintenance or repairs over time to ensure proper operation. If it’s your first time hiring a contractor to fix the appliance, you may not know what to expect with the process. Here’s what’s included with a typical HVAC repair.

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Checking the Thermostat

Once the technician arrives at your home, you can expect him or her to check the thermostat to determine if any of the settings need to be adjusted. In many cases, this is why an HVAC system will not turn on. The professional will also check some of the wires before inspecting the appliance. All minor components will be thoroughly inspected in the first few minutes of the appointment before the technician moves on to taking a look at the HVAC system.

Diagnosing the Problem

If the thermostat and settings seem to be working correctly, then the professional will start examining the parts of the appliance to determine the underlying cause of why it’s malfunctioning. Expect the process to take anywhere from five minutes to an hour, depending on how complex the issue is with the parts. Once they discover the problem, he or she will provide you with a thorough report and present you with the available options. During this step, you’ll also get a written estimate for the repairs.

Performing the Repairs

After you decide to repair the HVAC system, the technician will begin fixing the problem immediately if it’s a common issue and parts are readily available. In some cases, specific parts may need to be ordered before the repairs can be performed. This will require a second appointment with the technician.

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