What does a smart thermostat do

Smart thermostat in Seattle, WA

Smart thermostats are the most advanced HVAC control systems available today. These modern systems have many more functions than a traditional thermostat and can streamline the way your home uses energy. Upgrading to a new thermostat will guarantee substantial monthly savings and raise your home’s overall comfort. Here’s what smart thermostats can do to improve your home’s eco-friendliness.

Advanced Functions

A smart thermostat is a sleek, modern upgrade to traditional models. These systems have replaced their buttons and knobs with easy-to-use touchscreens. They’re user-friendly and are often compatible with personal assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. Smart thermostats prioritize the user’s experience, allowing you to easily create programs and settings that fit your unique comfort needs. They’re also intuitive, allowing them to learn your home’s regular schedule and make temperature changes accordingly to optimize your comfort and energy usage goals.

Save Energy

Modern families are always looking for ways to save money. Maintaining optimal temperature control during the year can be very expensive. Your furnace or air conditioner likely keeps running even when you’re not in the house. Smart thermostats are designed to save you money each month by automatically changing your home’s climate based on your schedule.

Instead of producing hot or cool air even when everyone’s at work or school, the system instead limits energy usage until you’re on your way home. After learning your household’s schedule, your thermostat will ensure your living space is optimally comfortable when you arrive. These systems can easily pay for themselves in energy savings in just a couple of years. Additionally, many HVAC companies offer amazing rebates on their smart thermostat installation services.


Traditional thermostats don’t have the settings to fully cater to your modern family’s needs. Smart thermostats have a variety of programmable options, allowing you to set up a custom schedule. These thermostats allow you to make temperature changes based on the temperature outside, the time of day, and more.

These systems increase your HVAC system’s efficiency and maximize the usefulness of your home’s zoning system. Outdated thermostats don’t have the capabilities to keep your family consistently comfortable. Investing in a smart thermostat is the only way to ensure ideal temperature control that doesn’t skyrocket your energy bills.

Grant Remote Access

Have you ever forgotten to change your home’s temperature before you left for the day? Modern thermostats allow you to access your temperature settings while you’re at work or even shopping. You can even change your settings from the comfort of your own bed. This function gives you the flexibility to prepare your home for sudden guests or an event later that day. All you need to do is have internet access and download an app to your phone. No matter where you are, you’ll be able to save money and keep your home at the temperature you need.

Analyze Energy Usage

Keeping track of how much energy your HVAC system is using can be difficult. You might not realize how often it’s kicking on until you get a huge utility bill at the end of the month. Smart thermostats can provide weekly or monthly reports based on your energy usage. You’ll be able to see how much energy you’re using and be given tips on how to reduce your costs. This will help you save money and keep a closer watch on your HVAC system’s overall efficiency. Some thermostats even provide rewards if you lower how much energy you’re using at peak times.

Sends Maintenance Notifications

Smart thermostats can remind you when you need to change your filters or schedule a maintenance appointment. The system will send you an easy text message or email, alerting you to any pressing maintenance needs. You’ll also have a set schedule for filters, which will help maintain your home’s healthy indoor air quality throughout the year. Smart thermostats keep track of your system and send reminders when service is required. This convenient function allows you to rest easy, knowing your system is being constantly monitored and protected.

Total Home Integration

Nearly all major appliances are available in smart options. Connecting all the devices in your home adds ease and convenience to your daily life. Smart thermostats are another great way to modernize your HVAC system while saving money. You’ll be able to change your settings just by talking to your Alexa or Google Assistant. Smart thermostats allow you to plan your daily or weekly schedule without ever having to worry about your comfort. This flexibility and control are essential to families with sensitive loved ones like children or the elderly.

Weather Mode

Keeping track of the forecast often isn’t enough to prepare your home for sudden temperature changes. You may already be at work when you realize it’s supposed to be much colder that day than you expected. Many smart thermostats can track the weather and make temperature changes accordingly. Rather than continue to cool your home on a cold day, your thermostat will instead raise the temperature to be a little warmer. Smart thermostats provide endless comfort benefits you can always rely on. Simplify your daily to-do schedule by relying on your modern programmable thermostat to keep the home at an optimal temperature no matter the weather.

Easy Installation

Smart thermostats can be just as easily installed as traditional thermostats. If you’ve replaced your thermostat before, the process is essentially the same. They only require a few extra steps when you need to connect them to the internet and your phone. The safest way to install your new thermostat is by relying on an HVAC technician. Trained contractors have the expertise to fully evaluate your home and find the best smart thermostat for your needs. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing the installation was done professionally.

Upgrade your home’s overall comfort and efficiency with a new smart thermostat. Replacing your old thermostat will boost your energy savings and help to prolong your HVAC system’s lifespan. Enjoy endless convenience and comfort with an advanced thermostat that can easily keep up with your busy life.

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