The Benefits of Getting Your Ducts Cleaned

Duct Cleaning in Kirkland, WA

HVAC systems are an incredibly important part of keeping a home healthy and comfortable. In the winter months, our furnace is responsible for keeping us warm. The warmer summer months can be kept more comfortable by utilizing air conditioning equipment. While both of these units will keep air flowing through the home, there is the potential for decreasing the quality of your indoor air because of dust, dirt, mold spores, and other particulates accumulating in your ductwork.

Luckily, a routine duct cleaning can help improve the quality of your indoor air while also protecting the inner components of your HVAC system. Let’s look at some top reasons why you should get your ducts cleaned regularly.

Removing Allergens From the Air

A lot of people choose to have their ducts cleaned in the spring or summer months when allergens are at their highest levels. This is a time of the year when there are all kinds of irritants in the air both inside and outside. As dust, pet dander, pollen, and mold build up in your ducts, you can see an increase in things like sinus headaches, itchy eyes, sneezing, runny nose, etc. Removing these particulates from your ducts will keep your indoor air cleaner. You’ll feel better overall.

Reducing Air Pollution

Indoor air pollution can also have a negative impact on your health, and it can come from a few different sources. Bacteria, dust, smoke, chemicals, and mold are just some of the contaminants that can linger in the air you’re breathing if you don’t have ample ventilation. Having your ductwork cleaned can improve airflow to assist with removing these pollutants. There are also carbon air filters that you can use in your furnace to trap some of these odors and chemicals. A whole-house air purifier can also be installed onto your HVAC system to improve air quality.

Addressing HVAC Efficiency

The United States Department of Energy estimates that Americans waste 30% of the energy that is used to heat and cool their homes. When you neglect routine duct cleanings, the particle buildup that takes place can reduce the amount of air that can flow through your HVAC system. When this occurs, you may find that there is a slight increase in your utility bills from month to month. Removing these particulates and having the moving components in your furnace cleaned can reduce the power consumption that your heating and cooling system is utilizing.

Reducing the Need for Costly Repairs

It’s inevitable that your HVAC system will need some degree of repairs as the years go by, but there are ways that you can decrease these instances. Scheduling routine maintenance, such as duct cleanings, gives a professional the opportunity to get inside your HVAC system to see what everything looks like. These cleanings are often scheduled as part of an annual maintenance checkup. In addition to cleaning out any dust and particles that have accumulated in your furnace and ducts, other items will be inspected, including wires, connections, fans, motor, blower, etc. If anything needs to be replaced or repaired at that point in time, it’s usually much more affordable than waiting until something breaks and needs to be repaired on an emergency basis.

You’ve Moved Into a New Home

Upon moving into a new home, you may find that there are some smells that are lingering from the previous owner. This can be anything from cigarette smoke to pet odors. A duct cleaning can refresh your HVAC system to a state that is almost like new. You’ll notice the difference in how your home smells when you walk in the door, and you should see a big difference in your overall health as well. People who have allergies to pets like dogs and cats benefit from starting with cleaner indoor air from a duct cleaning. Dander can linger long after a pet has moved out of the home.

Increasing the Value of Your Home

If you ever anticipate selling your home at some point, it’s a major selling point to be able to say that your HVAC system received routine ductwork cleanings and inspections. It’s an affordable thing to do right before you list your house as well. A listing can state that the ductwork has been recently serviced and cleaned, helping people feel more confident that you’re someone who has made the effort to truly take care of your home while you lived there.

HVAC Safety

There are plenty of scenarios where a piece of debris was stuck inside of a duct, resulting in a fire starting when the furnace began to run. This can happen during the construction of a new home, and even old homes can have items in their ducts that can increase the risk of a fire. Proper maintenance removes these items, so nothing comes into contact with your main appliance. The HVAC professional that comes to your home can help you identify other fire hazards as well, including loose connections or damaged wires.

Lengthening the Lifespan of Your HVAC Unit

Your average furnace is designed to last somewhere around 10 to 25 years. That time frame tends to be less when your equipment is not properly taken care of. Ductwork cleaning is just one of the maintenance tasks that can be utilized to get your furnace closer to the 25-year mark. It’s an affordable and simple procedure that doesn’t take up a lot of time. The team of HVAC professionals that you work with will be in and out of your home in approximately two to four hours, leaving you with ducts and a furnace that are like new.

Keeping Your Home Cleaner

Have you noticed recently that the surfaces in your home seem to be getting dusty in a shorter amount of time than normal? Despite trying to keep your home clean, it’s possible that you have a lot of dust building up in your HVAC system. This dust can circulate through your indoor air when your furnace is running, and that dust needs somewhere to go. Once your ducts are cleaned, you should find that you need to dust and clean your home less often.

Less Frequent Filter Changes

A typical furnace filter is designed to last somewhere between 30 and 90 days, depending on the brand and variety that you choose. Some homeowners find that this time frame is shorter than what has been recommended, and this can indicate that you have a lot of particles building up in your ductwork. Routine cleaning can help bring that number back up to a more reasonable frequency so you’re not spending a ton of money on filters.

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