Best Practices to Minimize Wear and Tear on HVAC Systems

Best Practices to Minimize Wear and Tear on HVAC Systems

You depend on your HVAC system to keep you comfortable throughout the year. Many of these units can operate for 10 to 15 years before you need to replace them. However, without proper care, your HVAC system could have a much shorter lifespan. Your HVAC usage might be causing some damage as well. If you eliminate some bad habits, your system can deliver better performance and use less energy. Here are a few ways to stop that wear and tear on your HVAC so that you can reduce utility bills and improve comfort.

Schedule System Maintenance

Many people do not maintain their HVAC systems. When you use your heating and AC throughout the year, it can put excessive wear and tear on those essential components. From motors to belts, these parts need to be maintained. Without the right maintenance, the components will fail, and you’ll be left with a broken HVAC system. In addition to repair bills, worn HVAC components increase your utility costs and decrease the system’s efficiency.

If you want to protect your HVAC system, you need to schedule professional maintenance visits twice a year. The technician can check your system to make sure it’s ready for the winter or summer seasons. During a maintenance visit, a service technician will evaluate your system’s performance levels and look for any signs of damage. They will clean the components and make the necessary repairs. Your air filter will also be changed to keep the air healthy and clean throughout your home.

Inspect the System

Regular maintenance will keep your HVAC system in top shape, but you shouldn’t wait for a technician to come to your home twice a year. About every month, you want to inspect the exterior unit for signs of damage. It’s the little things that can add up to costly repairs. Before the summer, make sure that the air conditioner is ready for use. You should remove any covers from the outdoor unit. If you fail to do this simple task, your cooling system can overheat and wear out some of the components.

It’s important to make sure that the unit is clear of debris. Dirt, dust and debris can collect on the outdoor unit. Once that happens, the outdoor air compressor will start to lose some airflow. A clogged air conditioner cannot circulate air throughout your home. When this happens, the HVAC system works harder to cool down your home.

After a storm, you want to make a quick check on your outdoor AC unit. If there is any debris, you can clean it up. During the fall, leaves can fall into the system and clog up those critical parts. In the winter, ice and cold temperatures can create problems for your outdoor HVAC parts.

Check Your Filters

Check Your FiltersOne of the easiest ways to prevent wear and tear on your system is to check your air filter. These filters help your furnace and air conditioner remain energy-efficient and improve your home’s air quality. This is one type of maintenance that you can handle by yourself. If the filter has a large collection of dust or dirt, you will want to replace it with a clean filter.

When you are ready to buy a furnace filter, purchase the right one to match your system’s dimensions. There are different options, such as fiberglass or pleated filters. Be sure to buy the right model for your unit. With regular filter changes, you can improve your HVAC’s efficiency and reduce that excessive wear and tear. When the filter is clogged, your entire system will need to work harder to cool or heat your home. As the system strains, the unit will start to age. In addition to this problem, your system will require more energy to operate. You might even see an increase in those monthly utility bills.

Correct Thermostat Usage

When you turn down the thermostat, you are putting a strain on your system. You might want to set the thermostat as close to the outdoor temperature as possible. However, this decision is up to you. The last thing you want to do is sacrifice your own comfort. With every degree that you lower the thermostat in the summer, it will increase your HVAC’s energy consumption.

From the same standpoint, it is not a good idea to turn off the thermostat during the day. When you turn the thermostat on and off, it will waste energy and damage the system. You might want to think about installing a programmable thermostat. You can adjust your home’s temperature to your schedule. With a programmable thermostat, you can reduce energy usage by setting the thermostat to a higher temperature when you’re not at home.

Install the Right System

Most modern HVAC systems have high energy efficiency ratings. However, if you want to get the most out of your system, you need to install the right-sized unit for your home. If your system is too large for your space, the thermostat will short-cycle. When the system operates in this manner, you are wasting energy and causing your bills to spike. All those on/off cycles will put wear and tear on your system.

On the other hand, a smaller system will have to work harder to maintain your comfort. In most cases, the HVAC system will stay on for a more extended period. You can expect to pay more for your utility bills. At this point, wear and tear on your system is almost inevitable. When you are ready to install a new HVAC system, hire a professional team. At Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning, we can help you find the right-sized system for your Kirkland home.

Prevent Obstructed Airflow

Finally, you know the importance of changing those air filters. When they are clogged, it can reduce efficiency and airflow. However, you need to keep an eye on those other airflow areas in your home. If you close or cover your air vents, it can impede airflow. It is vital to keep those vents free from obstructions. You also want to make sure those outdoor areas stay free from any blockages. Any debris or objects blocking these areas need to be removed as soon as possible. If you are still having airflow issues, you might have to call a professional technician to check out your ductwork and vents.

We Can Prevent Those HVAC Issues

By avoiding unnecessary wear and tear, you can enjoy a more energy-efficient system for years to come. More importantly, your HVAC system will be more reliable with fewer breakdowns. For over 20 years, the team at Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning has provided HVAC services to the Kirkland area. With our NATE-certified heating and cooling technicians, we can give you the best service in the area. Our team will handle all those home comfort issues, including cooling repairs, AC replacements, and heating maintenance calls. When you need help with your Kirkland home, be sure to contact Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning.

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