How To Light The Pilot Light on Your Hot Water Heater

Your pilot light is a crucial component of your water heater. This device provides the flame that ignites the natural gas that then heats your water. If it goes out, you will quickly run out of hot water until you’re able to re-light it. However, you can bring the heat back if you follow this three-step procedure.

1. Safety First

Before you do anything, make sure you can complete the lighting process safely. To do this, you need to turn off the gas supply to your water heater. Excess gas present in the ignition chamber could explode when you introduce a lighter into the space. Therefore, it’s crucial that you turn off the gas and then give the gas ample time to dissipate before continuing.

2. Locate the Light

After the gas has dissipated, you’ll need to locate the pilot light. This is especially crucial if you have to ignite the pilot light using a lighter instead of an ignition switch. Once you are sure of the pilot light’s location, carefully turn the gas shutoff knob to the “pilot” setting. In most models, you’ll have to press and hold the knob to allow gas to flow to the pilot light. Once the gas is flowing, you can light the pilot. You’ll do this while continuing to hold down the gas knob to ensure gas continues to flow to the pilot light.

3. Finish Up

Now that the pilot light is lit and has a good supply of gas, you’ll need to adjust the gas supply control to its normal “on” setting to allow the pilot light to ignite the main water heater burners. If you hear the main burners ignite, you know your job is complete and that you’ve successfully re-lit your pilot light.

A Second Look

There are a few reasons why a pilot light may go out. Therefore, even if you get your pilot light to re-ignite, it’s a good idea to contact Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning to ensure everything is operating properly. If you need a second look or assistance with lighting your pilot light, give us a call. We also provide AC repair, furnace installation and maintenance services in Kirkland and the surrounding areas.

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