Should I Get an End-of-Season AC Tune-Up?

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The fall weather is typically mild. People living in areas where summer weather brings scorching heat likely appreciate the relief. They may also feel relief at the reduced electricity bills that start to appear in October. The summertime weather leaves many reliant on their air conditioners for safety and comfort. Although an air conditioner may run for hours upon hours each day and night, well-maintained AC systems handle cooling needs without much trouble. Regardless, the fall weather gives the air conditioner a much-needed break.

Likely, homeowners might only use the air conditioner “here and there” in early fall. Once winter arrives, the air conditioner becomes entirely unnecessary and won’t experience heavy use until summer returns.

Does the long layoff mean there’s no reason to get a tune-up until the hot months return? Honestly, it might be a good idea to get a jump on things and request a fall tune-up. Not everyone opts to do so in the fall, and the early tune-up might work in a homeowner’s favor.

Avoid Experiencing Long Waits

Not surprisingly, many wait until spring arrives before they request tune-up or inspection services. A local HVAC company can only fit so many people into their schedules. If you wait until the third week of May to request a tune-up, you might not be able to get someone to your property right away. Going into the summer months without knowing if your air conditioner is in good shape could cause you some trouble. Do you want to discover there’s a coolant leak when you need the system up and running?

The fall season probably doesn’t have that many requests for air conditioner checks. So, you might be able to get someone to your home much easier. That said, cooling companies also handle heating work, and they’ll be asked about furnace tune-ups, too. September might be slow for tune-up requests, so this may be the best time to get a technician to your home to check your AC.

Don’t Go Too Long without a Tune-Up

A fall tune-up may take on additional importance when it has been a while since the last tune-up took place. The past spring should have served as the “due date” on the tune-up, but some may skip spring inspection and maintenance dates and take their chances. Allowing far too much time to pass between tune-ups isn’t optimal. So, if you are running late on service requests, maybe the fall season would be a good idea to get a tune-up performed.

Checking Out the System

Some may wonder why a tune-up is so essential. The system eventually suffers from wear-and-tear, as is the case with any machine made with complex parts. Parts wear out over time, and you want to be sure someone checks out the components to make sure they aren’t in bad shape. Sometimes, there are safety issues associated with tune-up inspections. For example, Has the electrical wiring connected to the air conditioner suffered any problems that could create a fire hazard? An AC technician may be able to answer that question after performing a thorough tune-up.

Safety and other hazards could exist outside the air conditioning unit, too. A technician could look at the area surrounding the air conditioner to see if anything is wrong. If so, then the technician can alert you to potential hazards. A quick fix could be relocating some storage items to another area of the home. A homeowner might look at some issues as “little things,” while an HVAC technician might see a serious problem.

Incidentally, there are safety components found in modern air conditioning systems. Someone should check these items to make sure nothing is wrong with them. Otherwise, safety might end up compromised.

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Changing the Filter and Cleaning the System

As the name suggests, air circulates through the air conditioner. Indoor air quality might not always be the best. Dirt, dust, and other debris might fly enter the air conditioner. Thankfully, a filter captures a significant amount of it. Still, some dirt and debris may find its way onto other parts and into the ducts. The filter could even be damaged or have mold growth. A technician can check things out, change the filter, and perform a necessary cleaning. The technician can even clean the ducts to improve air quality.

A dirty air filter could also become a drag on the system. Efficiency suffers, and there might be added strain on parts. Some may think the cleaning could wait until spring but addressing problems sooner rather than later might be best. Getting rid of mold, if any is found, is a step most homeowners would assuredly want to be completed right away.

Common Steps During the Tune-Up

A routine tune-up may be far more comprehensive than many realize. A skilled technician could look at all the essential parts to make sure they are in good working order. The condenser and evaporator coils may require a close and thorough inspection. The same is true of the fan and blower motor. Without these two parts, you can’t expect cool air to circulate. Air won’t cool at all without refrigerant, and the level must be the right. Low refrigerant could indicate a leak which is a problem that requires a fix.

The thermostat plays a vital role in ensuring the air conditioner helps a home achieve the desired temperature. Calibrating the thermostat assists with this goal and is part of the tune-up process.

Additionally, there are several other aspects to the tune-up process. The technician might provide a checklist of all the components checked. Hopefully, nothing “bad” turns up during the inspection. If so, consider the news positive. Discovering a problem becomes a necessary step in the direction of fixing it.

Don’t Skip the Exterior

An outside air conditioning unit may require a cleaning. The unit might become dirty due to exposure to the elements during the summer. Things may get a lot worse in the fall, as leaves and other debris travel through the air. The technician could cover the system to protect it from debris. However, applying any sized cover won’t cut it. The right-sized cover is a must, and so is securing it properly. A professional technician may be best for such work.

Sign Up for a Maintenance Plan

An HVAC company that offers a service plan provides homeowners with a practical benefit. Annual service checks are part of the deal, which means your air conditioner won’t miss any yearly tune-ups.

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