How to Stop Painful Static Shocks

How to Stop Painful Static ShocksWhen you receive a static electricity shock every time you touch a doorknob or kiss a loved one, it can feel as though your own house is out to get you. Instead of resigning yourself to a winter full of static shocks, learn what adjustments you can make to reduce this annoyance.

When Static Electricity Becomes a Problem

Have you ever noticed that you don’t struggle with static electricity nearly as much in the summer? There’s a sound reason for that. In the summer, there’s usually a good deal of humidity in the air, both inside your home and outside. When the air is humid, free electrons in the environment typically slide over your body instead of resting on your skin.

The situation is quite the opposite when the air is dry, such as it is in the winter months. At those times, free electrons tend to accumulate on your clothes and your skin. Consequently, when you touch something that’s a good conductor like a metal light switch plate, the electrons transfer to it. In the process, you get zapped!

How to Adjust the Humidity Level in Your Home

How to Adjust the Humidity Level in Your HomeYou don’t have to settle for whatever humidity level the weather throws at you. With indoor air quality services like the ones offered by Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning in Kirkland, you can adjust your humidity to comfortable levels all year long.

Whole-home humidifiers add moisture to your environment. Running a humidifier in the winter is the best way to help combat a static electricity problem.

During the summer, adding humidity isn’t usually necessary. Instead, you may need to remove moisture from the air. You can do that with a dehumidifier. A professionally installed dehumidifier will remove just enough moisture from the air so that you don’t end up causing static shocks in the summertime.

Other Static Reduction Tips

Small lifestyle adjustments can supplement the effects of a whole-house humidifier.

These include:
  • Keeping indoor houseplants
  • Applying hand lotion regularly
  • Wearing leather-soled slippers
  • Using anti-static sprays on carpeting

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