How to Prevent Costly HVAC Repairs

How to Prevent Costly HVAC RepairsWith so many areas of possible malfunction, HVAC systems require regular maintenance to keep things in order. Maintaining your equipment is the best way to avoid costly and unexpected repairs down the road.

However, unless you have experience and knowledge on the subject of HVAC maintenance, you might not know what other steps you could be taking to help prevent unnecessary repairs. This list of three tips to help you avoid costly HVAC repairs will put you in a position to protect your equipment and your wallet from unnecessary damage in the future.

1. Schedule Annual Tune-Ups

First, it is crucial that you enlist the help of a professional HVAC service technician at least once a year to perform a well-rounded, professional tune-up on your equipment. Although this does require a bit of money, the amount is minimal, especially when compared to the costly repairs that become inevitable as a result of neglect.

Schedule Annual Tune-Ups

For some people, pride might be a bit of a factor here. Many people value self-sufficiency and like to take care of their belongings themselves. While this is a valid and valiant trait to have, there is a proper time and place to utilize it. As for annual HVAC tune-ups, it’s best to leave some things to the professionals, and this is certainly one of them.

Without years of experience and proper know-how, HVAC owners can easily cause damage or put themselves in dangerous positions when attempting to maneuver through a full tune-up, so calling a professional is a small price to pay to keep your HVAC system functioning and at full-operational capacity.

Of course, annual tune-ups will only make so much of a difference if you consistently take care of your HVAC system throughout the year. The remaining tips will help explain some of the best steps you can do to keep your HVAC system in tip-top shape all year round.

You can take this tip one step further by scheduling two HVAC tune-ups per year, one during the fall and one during the spring. This is extremely helpful for the system, as the technician can focus on the air conditioning in the spring and the heat system in the fall. Taking this proactive step can help reduce energy costs in both severe seasons by helping your HVAC system function properly and efficiently, avoiding unnecessary overuse of utilities. And, of course, this tip will help to avoid costly repairs in any number of ways, since a professional is the most likely person to catch any serious issues before it’s too late.

2. Clean and Change Your Air Filters

Since all the air moving through your system passes through the given filters before being released into your space, these are crucial pieces to the larger system and should be maintained with care and consistency. Dust and other debris can easily collect within the air filter over time, causing buildup of potentially harmful particles that can eventually be released into the air if proper cleaning, replacement, and maintenance are not performed regularly.

Clean and Change Your Air FiltersAfter years of examining the effects of air filters, experts have concluded a few standard practices for HVAC owners to follow. Most experts agree that filters should be cleaned once a month and replaced every three months. Seeing as how it can be quite difficult to remember when you last cleaned or changed your air filters, it is best to develop a system that can help to remind you when it is time to do it again. Using a calendar or reminder app on your phone is one way to ensure you stay up to date on this important task.

Another option is to use a wall calendar or notebook, being sure to write down the last time you cleaned or changed the filters as well as which filters you are referring to. If these options seem a little too involved to you, then simply writing the date of replacement on your new air filter can certainly help to keep you a bit more organized in your HVAC maintenance scheduling. Whatever option you choose to use, as long as you stay on top of this part of the job, you will be in a good position for avoiding unnecessary and costly repairs.

3. Keep the Area Around Your Outdoor Unit Clean

The regular maintenance of your outdoor unit and its surroundings is an extremely helpful precaution that every HVAC owner should take. Routine maintenance of these outdoor air conditioning units and outdoor heat pumps will help keep them clean, functional, and safe, which in turn can help maintain the entire system.

Keep the Area Around Your Outdoor Unit CleanBeing outside, these parts of your system are exposed to all kinds of damage throughout each season of the year. In autumn, for instance, falling leaves can collect along the top and sides of an outdoor air conditioning unit, essentially blocking the free flow of air through the vents where it is intended to go. Other debris, such as dirt, dust, and loose foliage, can clog airways and vents as well, causing a loss of airflow or potentially even damaging the system itself.

Luckily, all of this can be easily avoided. Add to your calendar or other reminder system a monthly inspection of your outdoor HVAC units. Upon inspection, you should be focusing your efforts on cleaning the unit and removing any dirt, dust, debris, or leaves from the vents and airways.

You can use a hose, a vacuum, a broom, or just about any other cleaning equipment you have available to complete this simple task. During the fall, it’s important to check to see if leaves have gotten caught inside or around your unit. If they have, be consistent about sweeping them away. The amount of work involved is far lower than the amount of money you may potentially need to spend on unnecessary HVAC repairs if you neglect this task.

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