Here’s Why You Need USB Outlets in Your Home

In a world where battery-powered electronics continue to become more ubiquitous, finding a simple and sophisticated way to charge those electronics is more important than ever. Although a basic charging block plugged into a standard wall outlet gets the job done, there are far better ways of keeping your electronics charged in your Kirkland home. By allowing Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning to install USB outlets in your home, you’ll open up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to your consumer electronics.

Charge Different Types of Devices

Although some devices are switching to the newer USB-C standard for charging, most devices still use the USB-A standard. This means that if you install USB outlets in your home, you’ll be able to easily charge multiple types of devices. No matter which company manufactures your phone, tablet, smart speaker, or another type of device, as long as the charging cable terminates in a USB-A connection, you can plug it into your USB outlets from Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning.

Save on Outlet Space

Charging blocks can take up a lot of space. In some cases, they cover up both sockets in a standard wall outlet. Then, if you need to use one of the outlets while your device is charging, you have to decide between a fully charged battery or getting tasks done around the house.

Since the USB outlets don’t require a separate charging block, though, you’ll ensure both of your standard outlets don’t end up obstructed by a larger charging block. In fact, you’ll have both standard outlets free since an outlet with USB charging ports installed effectively doubles the number of locations where you can plug something in, making it so you’ll be able to enjoy your electronics while still getting work done.

Eliminate Clutter

If you like to live a minimalistic lifestyle, then it’s a great idea to let Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning install USB outlets in your home. A simple cord plugged directly into the wall is much simpler than having multiple types of charging blocks for various devices plugged into a standard outlet.

Plus, since you won’t need your charging blocks unless you’re away from home, you’ll be able to neatly organize these charging blocks in an out-of-the-way location. You may even be able to eliminate some of the charging blocks that are used for devices that don’t leave your home.

Avoid Overloading an Outlet

When you need to charge multiple devices at once, the first thing you likely do is reach for a power strip or outlet splitter. This allows you to plug in all of those assorted charging blocks so you can leave the house with all of your electronics fully charged.

Unfortunately, if there are other electrical devices on the same circuit as the power strip that you’re using to charge your devices, you could overload the circuit. After all, there’s a reason there are only two outlets in a typical wall plug; this discourages the use of more than two devices at once.

On the other hand, if you utilize a wall plug with built-in USB outlets, you will be less inclined to plug in multiple devices at the same time. Instead, you may end up installing more USB outlets around your home to make charging more convenient.

Protect Devices From Electrical Surges

A typical wall outlet is not equipped to protect electrical devices from surges. Likewise, most charging blocks for smartphones, tablets, and other devices are not designed to prevent a surge from damaging your device. In the time you charge your device, you put it at risk of significant damage in the event an electrical surge happens. Then, you may have to repair or replace your device.

Fortunately, many USB outlets from Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning come with built-in surge protection. This makes it so you can have full confidence your device will be safe no matter where you’re charging it—even if you don’t utilize a separate surge protector.

Increase Charging Speed

The chargers that come with many devices aren’t known for their speed. By using underpowered chargers, electronics manufacturers can save on costs to increase their profits. Unfortunately, this means you get stuck with a charger that may take hours to charge your device.

Fortunately, when Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning installs USB outlets in your home, you can greatly improve the charging times for most devices. Outlets are available with different power ratings, so you can select options that offer more power than your current charger. In some cases, you may save hours of charging time, meaning you’ll be ready to hit the road more quickly.

Make It Easy for Others to Charge Their Devices

If you have friends or family visiting your home for an extended period, they’ll need to charge their electronic devices too. Sometimes, though, they may forget the charging blocks they need to properly charge their devices.

The good news is if you have USB outlets installed, you can make it easy for out-of-town guests to keep their devices charged during their visits. All they’ll need is their USB cable, and they’ll be able to stay connected to their online world even when they’re away from home.

Important Characteristics

When you decide to install USB outlets in your home, there are a few important characteristics to look for. Most importantly, we at Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning recommend that you buy your outlets from a reputable company. Low-priced USB outlets often have a terrible build quality to the point that it could put your electronic devices at risk. Even worse is that these outlets may not be adequately insulated, which could cause a fire under the right conditions.

It’s also a good idea to find USB outlets with some type of retractable dust cover. Given the large openings of USB ports, it’s easy for dust to settle in them, which can reduce their effectiveness over time. You may also be able to find plugs that have retractable covers for the standard outlets; these can act as protective devices for children and animals. Of course, it’s also important to ensure that you only have new outlets installed by a qualified professional. Messing with electricity is highly dangerous—especially if you aren’t certified to do so. Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning can install your new USB outlets for you.

Finding Unique Solutions for Your Home

Although USB outlets are quite handy, they still aren’t that common in most homes. At Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning, we believe in finding unique solutions to common problems so you can improve your quality of life. We can also help improve your quality of life by replacing your furnace, installing a new AC unit, repairing your heating system, and maintaining your home’s HVAC equipment. In addition, our team can take care of your water heater and provide air quality solutions to purify your home’s air.

In our 20-plus years in business, we’ve been there for our customers when they needed us most. That’s one reason why we’ve continued to grow and continuously receive five-star reviews. For more information about installing USB outlets in your home, feel free to contact us at Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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