On a cold day, a visit to the Fall City Wallaby Ranch can melt your heart, but to keep your toes and fingers thawed you also need a home heating system you can rely on. Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning provides heating and air conditioning services in Fall City, WA that can keep you comfortable all year round, even when winter winds are rippling the water at Beaver Lake Park.

    Heating and Air Conditioning in Fall City, WA

    As a local HVAC contractor with more than 20 years of experience, we can handle any repair, maintenance, or installation job. Whether your heating and cooling system has broken down, is making a strange noise, or is so old that it’s time you replaced it, you can call on us for help.

    Reliable Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Fall City

    When your heating and cooling system starts to behave strangely, do not hesitate to call a trusted local HVAC contractor to request a repair. Wear and tear can cause air conditioning systems to start making a banging or screeching noise, which can escalate to a full breakdown if you do not take action right away. Another sign that your system needs repair is if the cost of heating or cooling your Fall City home has suddenly increased, which indicates that your HVAC system has lost efficiency. Our technicians can get to the bottom of the problem and carry out a repair using the highest quality tools and parts.

    Look out for the following clues of your HVAC system needing repair
    • Short cycling
    • Not enough heat or cooling
    • Trouble starting system
    • Indoor air quality is poor
    • Strange smells or sounds

    Expert Fall City HVAC Contractor for Installation

    Expert Fall City HVAC Contractor for InstallationSome heating and air conditioning systems are too old for repair to be a viable option. If this is the case for your system, we will work with you to find the perfect replacement for your Fall City home. Replacing your HVAC system can lead to lower heating and cooling bills, as new systems are generally a lot more energy efficient than old ones. Over time, you could save a significant amount of money! Get in touch and we can suggest a new HVAC system with a fantastic BTU and SEER rating. We can even provide financing for installation on approved credit.

    Professional Heating and Cooling Maintenance

    As a trusted local HVAC contractor, we are committed to providing a great maintenance service that keeps home HVAC systems working well. You can contact us at any time to schedule a furnace tune-up or ask us to carry out a maintenance check on your air conditioning system. Our technicians can change filters, clean and lubricate parts to minimize wear and tear, and warn you about any developing problems.

    Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning is committed to being the best local heating and air conditioning service. If you need any help keeping your Fall City home comfortable this season, please contact us today!