At Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re the local experts in heating and air conditioning in Carnation, WA. Our HVAC contractor crew helps with heating and cooling energy efficiency, both in repairs and with modern energy saving equipment. We make sure your system is effective by checking airflow, providing expert maintenance and tune-ups, and ensuring reliability.

    Heating and Air Conditioning in Carnation, WA

    Your family’s comfort also includes indoor air quality, and we offer humidity management equipment, HEPA filtration, and special germicidal UV lamps that add air purification as well. We love to visit Tolt-MacDonald Park, the Tolt and Snoqualmie Rivers, and our customers throughout Carnation where we help them stay comfortable and enjoy great indoor air.

    Experienced Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Carnation

    System failure, underperforming heating and cooling systems, airflow issues and efficiency are a few of our HVAC contractor repair specialties. At Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning, we visit your home with everything we need for most repairs in Carnation. Our experts are skilled at diagnosing problems with AC, heat pumps, furnaces, and other home comfort system equipment. If your heating and cooling equipment limped through the season, don’t forget to call for repairs and maintenance in the off season. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable from the day you need to adjust your thermostat for changing temperatures. Besides, a well-running system puts less wear on its parts, so repairs are a good investment.

    Put our expert HVAC contractor team to work when you notice:
    • Unusual smells or sounds
    • Trouble starting up or short cycling
    • Inadequate heating or cooling
    • Leaking around any HVAC equipment
    • Icing of AC coils or warm air from your AC
    • No air circulation

    Efficient HVAC Contractor Installation in Carnation

    Professional Tacoma HVAC Contractor for InstallationWhen you check out the efficiency of new heating and cooling systems, you’ll be thinking about early retirement for your older unit. For example, a 20-year-old furnace can be running at 60 percent efficiency, and our HVAC contractor team can install a new efficient system at 80 percent, or a high-efficiency furnace at up to 98 percent. Dual-stage heating and cooling systems also improve energy use while more precisely adjusting your home’s comfort. Our team does a great job of scheduled and emergency heating and air conditioning equipment replacement. Feel free to ask for information even if it’s not time for a new system quite yet!

    Professional Heating and Cooling Maintenance

    Longevity, reliability, and safety improvement are a few of the benefits of regular annual maintenance for your heating and air conditioning equipment. We perform refrigerant checks, cleaning and lubrication, ignitor replacement, burner care, motor testing, and more. Your system deserves maintenance to get it ready for the next season. We also perform expert tune-ups of AC and furnaces with maintenance, and thorough inspection and testing. If we notice any current or upcoming issues that can be repaired conveniently now, we’ll let you know. For your furnace, maintenance is especially important as we check combustion and the integrity of your heat exchanger, which protects your family against the dangers of carbon monoxide leaking into your duct system.

    Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning offers the essential heating and air conditioning services you need to stay affordably comfortable in Carnation. Call our team for quick care, or schedule an appointment today!