Heat Pump Service in Seattle, WAIf you use a heat pump to heat your home, then you know how reliable they usually are. However, heat pumps do occasionally develop faults or wear out and need to be repaired. When that happens, you need a good heat pump repair team like Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning that you can call on in Seattle, WA.

    We provide heat pump replacement and installation, as well as repair and maintenance. We can get your heat pump working again or suggest the perfect new model to install in your home. Reach out anytime you need heat pump service you can trust!

    Top-Rated Heat Pump Repair in Seattle

    When your heat pump requires repair, it will let you know by short cycling, providing less heat than usual, making a noise, or becoming much less energy efficient. When you experience any of these problems with your heat pump, give us a call and one of our highly experienced HVAC technicians will come and take a look. They can carry out a repair or let you know if you should replace your heat pump.

    Call our heat pump repair team if you notice any of the following.
    • Inadequate heating
    • Sudden rise in energy usage
    • Short cycling
    • Strange smells or noises

    The decision over whether to replace or repair a heat pump can be tricky, as it depends on many factors, such as the age of the heat pump, its performance so far, and your changing heating needs. We can draw on our experience to help you come to the right choice. Let us introduce you to our range of efficient heat pumps to help you find one that is suitable for your home. Heat pump replacement could save you money in the long run, as new heat pumps typically use less energy than older ones. New heat pumps are also very reliable, so by installing one you could free yourself from the frustrating cycle of your heating system breaking down and having to be repaired.

    Your Heat Pump Replacement Team

    Your Heat Pump Replacement TeamBlack Lion Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to have served Seattle for more than 20 years. Our Seattle heat pump installation technicians are all highly experienced. You can rely on us to deliver an excellent service, whether you contact us for heat pump replacement, repair, or maintenance.

    We serve all areas of Seattle, from Downtown to Broadview and Haller Lake. Call us and we will send a technician out to you as soon as possible.

    Seattle winters are too chilly to struggle with a malfunctioning heat pump. Please contact our office today to request a heat pump repair or service, or for any other HVAC service you may need in the Seattle area.