Heat Pump Service in Mercer Island, WADo you use a heat pump to heat your home? Heat pumps are highly efficient and usually very reliable, but it is possible for them to break down. If your heat pump is no longer keeping your home as warm as it once did, then you need a reliable heat pump repair team in Mercer Island, WA to call on.

    Our company offers heat pump replacement, repair, and installation. Whether you already use a heat pump or you are considering installing one for the first time, we can help. No matter what heat pump service you require, you can reach out to us at any time.

    Trusted Heat Pump Repair in Mercer Island

    Heat pumps typically give many signs of needing repair. Perhaps yours is short cycling, not providing enough heat, using too much energy, or making a strange noise. Whatever the problem, we can help. Our technicians are all fully trained in heat pump repair and can quickly figure out what the problem is. With your approval, they can fix your heat pump to make it as good as new!

    Look out for the following signs that your heat pump is in need of repair.
    • Insufficient heating
    • Rapid rise in energy bills
    • Short cycling
    • Strange noise

    Many people ask us whether they should repair or replace their malfunctioning heat pump. Heat pumps typically have a long lifespan, but eventually, they wear out and need to be replaced. If your heat pump is very old, then choosing to replace it could free you from a cycle of frequent repairs. Heat pump replacement is also an opportunity to install a highly efficient new model, which could save you money on your energy bills in the long run. We carry energy-saving Bryant heat pumps that can deliver great performance and reliability.

    Your Heat Pump Replacement Team

    Your Heat Pump Replacement TeamAt Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning, we are proud to provide the best heat pump repair service in Mercer Island. No matter what issue you have with your heat pump, you can rely on our highly experienced technicians to put it right. We have been in business for more than 20 years and are committed to providing excellent service to every customer. In addition to heat pump replacement and repair, we also offer maintenance to keep your home heating system working well.

    Whether you live in North End, Mid-Island, or South End on Mercer Island, we are ready to provide the heat pump service you need. Mercer Island residents can always rely on us to keep their heat pumps working well. Contact us today to request a heat pump repair! We can also help with any other heating or cooling service in the area.