Heat Pump Service in Kent, WAThe humble heat pump is the workhorse of nearly every Kent, WA home all winter and summer long. Without it, your home’s climate is a lot less comfortable. When your electric bill is climbing more than it should or you notice your unit is short cycling, you need to get a heat pump repair appointment scheduled as soon as possible. Short cycling means your heat pump turns on, runs for just a little while, and then shuts back off only to turn back on a few moments later. This is very hard on HVAC units. Heat pumps are built to last, but once one part goes, more will follow if repairs aren’t made quickly.

    You should always get your unit maintained every year, and this is a requirement to maintain your unit’s warranty. If you don’t, a heat pump replacement might be needed. If maintenance is done annually and your heat pump is still under warranty, you most likely won’t have to pay for any heat pump repairs. So make your appointments early, avoid doing the work yourself or you could void your warranty, and be sure to keep your maintenance appointments.

    Heat Pump Repair You Can Trust in Kent

    Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning is a highly experienced, Bryant factory-authorized, highly rated provider of heat pump repair and heat pump replacement in Kent, and the surrounding area. For more than 20 years, we’ve been in service in the Pacific Northwest corridor.

    We offer a number of heat pump services, such as:
    • Heat pump replacement
    • Heat pump repair
    • Heat pump maintenance
    • Heat pump recommendations

    We’re an authorized installer for Bryant Heat Pumps, which are the gold standard of heat pumps today. Bryant has been in business since 1904, and their business has lasted this long because they provide excellent products and services. We know through years of experience with working with them that they stand by their parts and products. When something goes wrong with a Bryant heat pump and it’s through no fault of the customer’s, and the heat pumps are still under warranty, our clients don’t have to pay out of pocket for repairs or parts. We know that working with companies who stand by their brand is important, and we want what’s best for our customers.

    Heat Pump Replacement You Can Rely on

    Heat Pump Replacement You Can Rely onYou should get your system maintained every year to keep it under warranty. This can be done before the cold season starts or after it’s over. Maintenance helps you keep your electric bill under control and makes the unit work to the best of its ability, too. We have a regular maintenance list and can add your name with a simple phone call.

    Despite your best efforts to keep your heat pump service up to date, they do eventually break down. Machinery has a natural lifecycle. When it breaks down, give us a call as soon as possible. We can schedule an appointment for heat pump service or installation or dispatch emergency help to your Kent area home.

    To request heat pump service, repair, or installation, contact Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning today! Or contact us today for other heating, cooling or air quality needs in Kent.