Heat Pump Service in Bellevue, WA You might need heat pump repair when the temperatures drop in Bellevue, WA. It can get icy and even leave a dusting of snow on the ground during the winter months. If your house stays cold no matter how high you set the thermostat, it’s likely time to consider scheduling heat pump replacement options. At Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning, we install some top brands in home comfort, including Bryant heat pumps. We also deliver prompt and reliable heat pump service for those times when repairing your unit is the most cost-effective way to warm things up.

    Heat Pump Repair You Can Rely on in Bellevue

    It’s pretty easy to notice when your heat isn’t working at all. Your house gets cold. But, there are many signs that something may be wrong that can help you avoid total heat loss. If you can catch an issue early, sometimes a repair is as simple as replacing a filter or re-calibrating a thermostat.

    Some of the most common signs that your heat pump might need a service call include:
    • Very high energy bills
    • Groaning, clanking, banging, grinding or squealing noises
    • Outdoor unit ices over
    • Very little air coming through the vents

    While the cold weather in winter means that your heat pump may ice over, it should automatically defrost to continue providing heat to your home. The average lifespan for a heat pump is between 10-15 years. With annual maintenance checks that include filter replacements and cleaning, you could get longer use from your unit. As units age, they lose efficiency, but repairs that replace worn belts or failing parts can get your unit right back up to peak performance.

    Your Heat Pump Replacement Team

    Your Heat Pump Replacement Team At Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer some of Bellevue’s best heat pump repairs. As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, we stock some of the highest quality home heating equipment available, along with all the parts needed to keep units in great repair. Whether you need to repair or replace your heating unit, our HVAC pros can help. We arrive for every job on time and offer several options for making repairs or new installations. Our technicians can recommend the right-sized unit for your home and talk through heating options, including single and dual-zone installation.

    Whether you live near Alexander Graham Bell Elementary School or further south near Bellevue College, we’re happy to help our neighbors with any of their heating needs.

    It gets too cold during Bellevue winters to struggle through without heat. Contact us today to keep your home all warm and comfy.