Why Is My Furnace Making a Loud Noise?

While furnaces are not designed to operate as entirely silent machines, they shouldn’t produce excessive noise either. Rambling, rattling, and squealing noises indicate that your furnace could be running into a serious problem. According to our experience at Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning, the following are the main causes of loud noises in your furnace.

Dirty Burners

When your burners accumulate a lot of dirt and soot, they tend to constrain the efficiency of the burning flame. This occurs in the old fashion, flame-operated burners. The semi-clogged burner nozzle may cause a constraint on the flame. This often leads to the accumulation of unburnt gases, which explode with a boom when the burners finally get sparked.

Cracked Heat Exchangers

In case your heat exchanger is slightly cracked as a result of repetitive usage and poor maintenance, the chances are that it is going to produce some weird crackling noises. The clicking sound, whenever the furnace is running, continues to develop cracks along the heat exchanger’s metal surfaces. Constant usage of the furnace without maintenance is highly likely to cause a significant failure and even accumulation of carbon monoxide in the house.

Faulty Blower Motors

The blower motor is designed to run a fan on a fixed point. Sometimes, the bearings that hold together the blower motor may either get dislodged or break. This leads to a squealing sound whenever the blower motor is turned on. Consequent lack of HVAC maintenance will lead to a catastrophic failure of the entire blower assembly.

Blocked Air Ducts

The tube assembly that supplies air to the furnace should be clear of any form of clogs. The entire air duct system may sometimes get clogged with dirt and other obstructions. At Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning, we have experienced many of these cases when serving our clients. This blockage is normally caused by failure to inspect and maintain your HVAC system as recommended.

At Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning in Kirkland, WA, we recommend customers get maintenance checks at least once a year. In addition to tune-ups, we’re experienced with heating and cooling repairs and installations. Contact us today for exceptional HVAC services.