Expert Heating Tune-Ups in Kent

    Reliable Furnace Maintenance in Kent, WAWhen it comes to heating maintenance in Kent, WA, you can always count on Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning. We are an HVAC company dedicated to delivering top-notch customer service. We can also offer low and affordable prices on all our furnace jobs. It is important to note that we have more than 20 years of experience in HVAC services, which includes furnaces. In order to keep your heater working like new, we recommend routine maintenance to optimize the system. Regular furnace tune-ups are the best way to avoid costly repairs and unwanted downtime. You can rest easy knowing that our employees are NATE-certified technicians and have plenty of experience. Our company also strives to provide service for all makes and models of heaters.

    We are a company that is:

    Kent’s Heater Maintenance Specialists

    We believe that quality service comes from what we can offer. Moreover, proper maintenance is important to reduce your energy consumption. As part of our heater tune-up options, we will be able to recommend the right type of maintenance.

    A furnace technician will be able to change or clean your filters. This can be done monthly or whenever you need a service call. We will be detailed in our cleaning services, such as making sure the pilot light is adjusted and cleaned. Our technicians will also look for any cracks or deterioration around the heat exchanger.

    Benefits of an optimized furnace include:
    • Lower energy bills
    • Money savings
    • Cleaner air for you and your family
    • Fewer repairs

    Snappy Furnace Tune-Ups in Kent, WA

    Furnace Tune-up in KentIf you do need any type of maintenance, make sure to contact Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning for all your furnace needs in Kent. We are able to expand our maintenance tasks to a wide variety of options. We will inspect the burners for optimal performance. This includes removing and cleaning the burners if necessary. We can also check and adjust the fan switch to make sure it is working properly. However, the most important parts that need to be checked on a regular maintenance call are the safety controls. These components are essential for the safe use of your furnace.

    Along the same line of safety, our technicians will also check for any leaks in the gas lines leading to the furnace. Rest assured that there are plenty more maintenance tasks we will complete when working on your furnace. Our furnace technicians will make sure to have your furnace working like new before they leave the premises.

    Make sure to call Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning today for all your furnace maintenance work in the Kent area.

    Not looking for heating maintenance? We also offer heating repairs, heating installation as well as cooling maintenance!