Electrical-Wiring-Rewiring (Case Conflict)Discover the expertise of our electricians at Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning, the best electrical company in Everett, WA. A skilled and reliable electrician from Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning is ready to handle all your home’s electrical work.

    With our safe and trusted service, we ensure everything, from the smallest task to the most complex projects requiring multiple electricians, we can handle with precision, keeping your home flowing with electricity.

    Hire an Electrician From Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning

    Electricity is a necessity. You rely on power for lights, appliances, electronic devices, etc. Our electricians are highly skilled in handling electrical components and wiring, making us your complete electrical contractor.

    Contact our electrical company for all your residential electrical needs:
    • Indoor lighting installation and repair
    • Ceiling fans
    • Security lighting
    • Outdoor lighting
    • Attic fan installation
    • Breaker box wiring
    • Electrical inspections
    • Circuit breaker panel upgrade
    • Troubleshooting electrical issues
    • Installation of outlets, light switches, and fixtures
    • Dedicated line installation
    • 220-amp service for large appliances
    • EV chargers
    • Generators
    • Service upgrades
    • Electrical repairs
    • Renovations and remodeling
    • Code violations removal
    • Lighting maintenance
    Rest assured, we’ve got you covered, from the convenience of a new outlet or ceiling fan to the comprehensive task of rewiring your home.

    Our electricians handle all electrical jobs, ensuring you have the electricity you need while enjoying safe connections. We install indoor and outdoor lighting, ceiling fans, and whole-home generators for your convenience.

    Our electricians can wire an EV charging station to your home’s garage, adding the comfort of charging an EV at home. Finally, if your electrical system is old and outdated, we can upgrade it and install a new panel, ensuring your home is up-to-date and safe.


    Understanding that electricity can be extremely hazardous if not handled by professionals is crucial. Direct contact with live wires can lead to severe injuries or even fatalities.

    Moreover, improperly connected electrical wires can trigger fires, causing significant damage. Remember, no matter how seemingly simple the task, always entrust it to a trained electrician.

    Committed Electrical Company in Everett

    At Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning, we prioritize your safety. After over 20 years of service in Everett, we are still motivated to be the best.

    We are one of Nextdoor’s 2023 Neighborhood Faves. We also provide each electrician with extensive training, ensuring they know how to handle electricity and electrical components properly.

    This hands-on learning equips our employees with the skills to install, maintain, and repair your electrical system. We focus on safety as our number one priority, ensuring you have stable power in your home without any worries.


    Contact Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning today to count on the top electrician in Everett for all your home and business electrical needs.

    We also provide expert heating and cooling services!