Electrical Dangers: What You Should Never Do

There is a certain pride that comes with owning a home and doing it yourself when it comes to repairs and upgrades. However, home maintenance involving electrical components is an area where we strongly advise against DIY. Serious injuries and even death could occur if something goes wrong. Keep reading to learn more about home electrical dangers.

Electrical Dangers: What You Should Never Do

Regular Circuit Breaker Trips

At Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning, we often encounter homeowners who ignore regular circuit breaker trips. Even semi-regular trips can be a sign of a bigger problem. If you have a toaster or microwave, for instance, that has a tendency to trip a breaker, you should stop using that appliance for the time being and schedule an electrical inspection.

Extending Extension Cords

More than 3,000 fires begin each year due to extension cords. This can happen because cords were frayed but also because cords were linked to reach a greater distance. Extending cords in this manner lower the carrying capacity of each cord. Cords can melt and even ignite, and you run the risk of burning out electrical outlets and so forth.

Old, Defective, and Improper Wiring

Bad wiring is a significant issue that can lead to many problems and dangers. You should have your home wiring inspected when purchasing a house when a home becomes about 40 years old, every 10 years or so after that, and if you have never had an inspection performed.

Outdated Outlets

Many older homes feature outdated outlets. The standard now is to use GFCI outlets, which have a built-in circuit breaker. If the outlet detects a current leak, ground fault, or other issues, it will disable itself, which avoids serious problems and notifies you that the outlet requires professional attention.

Your Local Electrical Provider and More

Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning is a leading provider of electrical services in Kirkland, Seattle, and throughout the surrounding areas. You can also count on us for a full range of services regarding heating, cooling, and hot water heaters. Call today to learn more about avoiding electrical dangers and how we can serve you.

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