Ductless Mini-Split Solutions in Redmond, WADo you have a Redmond, WA home without HVAC ducts, or older HVAC equipment that doesn’t keep rooms equally cool? Maybe you’ve added an office or an apartment and want to have independent cooling control. A ductless air conditioner can meet your needs with a minimum of installation time and disruption, serving one or more rooms discreetly with plentiful cool air. It’s a great replacement for window AC units or portable AC. It is an alternative to changing your existing system to zoned ducting, and a perfect solution when you want to cool specific spaces efficiently. We can also handle your mini-split AC needs, as well.

    Expert Mini-Split Air Conditioner Installation in Redmond

    Ductless air conditioner installations are flexible solutions to many cooling problems we encounter. Bedrooms that are a long way from the central air system may not get cooled enough, home offices and in-law apartments may require separate controls and excellent cooling. Old homes that rely on window AC units because ducting is undesirable can turn to mini-split AC as an attractive alternative. Our HVAC experts have extensive experience using flexible ductless mini-split solutions to solve many cooling challenges.

    Expert Mini-Split Air Conditioner Installation in Redmond

    Flexible ductless air conditioners solve:
    • Seperately controlled cooling for an in-law apartment or nursery
    • Older and historic homes where adding ductwork is undesirable
    • Cooling rooms at the end of duct runs in larger homes
    • Home offices and other specialized spaces that need comfort control

    A ductless air conditioner operates outside, similar to a central AC unit, but runs connections to air cooling units in each target room, rather than a single connection to a whole-house air cooling system. The unobtrusive units are mounted on outside walls, providing a simple solution that’s better than both window AC units and zoned ducting, and allowing the homeowner the flexibility to choose how the home is cooled. Ductless mini-split cooling is simple to install, effective, flexible, easy to control, energy-efficient, and quite affordable.

    Your Expert Ductless Mini-Split and HVAC Team

    At Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning, we’ve been keeping homeowners and their families cool during hot King County summers for over 20 years. Our dependable team of HVAC technicians can design and install a ductless air conditioner solution for your home, and solve your AC challenges with the right temperature you need, and energy-efficient cooling. We respond quickly to your requests and communicate clearly so we can meet your needs effectively. For homeowners throughout Redmond, our experts can design a low-impact mini-split air conditioning system to meet your cooling needs.

    Don’t settle for inconvenient window ACs and insufficient centralized cooling in Redmond. Contact us today to find out more about flexible, efficient mini-split AC! And if you need help with your traditional air conditioning system, we can provide additional cooling solutions too!

    We can also help with ductless solutions in the following areas: