Common Thermostat Issues

Common Thermostat IssuesThermostats are responsible for controlling the temperature in the building. Furthermore, they can determine how much energy is used to heat or cool the home. While thermostats are incredibly efficient with how they operate, certain problems can develop over time. Here are a few common thermostat issues you may encounter as a homeowner.

1. Short Cycling or Continuous Running

Short cycling or continuous running can occur when the thermostat doesn’t sit level or has parts that become dirty. A poorly calibrated anticipator may also be the cause and can be fixed by lengthening the cooling cycle. You may also need to adjust the anticipator arm in single notch increments toward the longer dial.

2. Thermostat Breakdowns

You may notice that the air conditioner stops working suddenly and without warning. You’ll need to take a look at the thermostat to determine if it’s lit. If you find that it isn’t operating, then it can prevent signals from being sent to the AC. You’ll need to hire a company like Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning to diagnose the problem to get to the cause. A lack of clean parts may be the issue. Loose wiring or screws can also be the issue and should be checked out.

3. Hot Spots

Hot spots are prone to being present, which can make certain rooms or areas of the home feel warm when the rest of the house is cool as the thermostat is in use. The thermostat may not be installed in a central location like a hallway for better distribution of air.

4. Higher Temperatures

Higher temperatures in the building can be due to heat sources that are in close proximity to the thermostat. Direct sunlight, an oven, or a fireplace can make the thermostat have false high readings.

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