Choosing the Best Size AC for Your Home

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Buying an AC can help you stay cool during the hot summer months. However, most people don’t know that size matters when buying an AC. If you buy too big an AC, it consumes more energy, and it might not properly humidify your home. A small AC, on the other hand, won’t be able to properly cool the house, thus leaving some hot spots. Figuring out the right size AC for your home will involve a few steps. Here are all the details you need to consider in the process.

The Size of the Rooms

Calculating the size of your rooms is the key to getting the right size AC for your home. To find the ideal AC size, you will need to measure its cooling capacity using British Thermal Units (BTUs). This applies to both central air units and window air conditioners. To begin the calculations, you need to multiply the length and width of your rooms. For example, if a room is 14 feet wide and 20 feet long, you’ll have 280 square feet (14×20). Multiplying the measurement with 25 BTU helps you know the minimum BTU AC to purchase. In this case, it’ll be 280×25=7,000BTU. That will be the ideal cooling capacity to use in your home.

Besides using the BTU method, you can have a Manual J calculation done for your home. This is a precise method that considers factors like the climate zone, square footage, ductwork, heat-generating appliances, number of people in the space, amount of insulation, natural shade, and the number of windows. Most utility companies can provide you with a free energy audit that will also have the Manual J calculation. You can also opt to hire an HVAC dealer or energy auditor for the audit. With the report in hand, you can find out how many BTUs you’ll need in your home.

Choose the Air Conditioner to Use

There are several types of air conditioners that you can use to stay cool. The most common option is the central air conditioner. The unit covers your whole house, thus ensuring that all rooms are properly cooled. These air conditioners can be a bit expensive to install, especially when you plan to retrofit them into your house.

Window air conditioners are another option. They are easier to install, unlike central air conditioners. However, these units only cool one room at a time. Besides, you will require access to a window for the AC to work.

The other option is a portable air conditioner. These AC units allow you to move from one room to another while maintaining all the cooling capabilities. Some of the models won’t require any venting to the outside.

Benefits of Having the Right Size HVAC

Getting the right size HVAC will be essential to making your home comfortable. There isn’t a one size fits all solution when looking for an AC unit. Therefore, it’s essential to have your home properly measured to know which AC to buy and install. Let’s look at some of the benefits you will receive when you have the right size AC.

Longer HVAC Lifespan

Your AC unit is amongst the largest investments you’ll make in your home. It’s advisable to find a unit that will last the expected lifespan while providing you with the best cooling. An oversized unit will short cycle, thus working harder. In return, the unit will use more power to start each cycle. With a small unit, it’ll keep on constantly running, thus wearing out quickly. Picking the right size and conducting regular maintenance can help you get the most out of your AC.

Better Efficiency

As stated earlier, buying a large or small HVAC won’t be efficient for your house. Instead, properly sizing the unit means that it’ll use less energy to run. Besides, the AC can run effectively and efficiently to heat or cool your house.

Improved Comfort

If an AC isn’t properly sized, you might walk into the house and find an uncomfortable level of humidity. AC units not only cool your home but also pull moisture from the air, lowering humidity in the house. If you get a large AC, it won’t run long enough to remove the moisture from the air. This could mean poor airflow and circulation. Eventually, the house can feel stuffy, stale, uncomfortable, and humid.

Less Repairs

If your AC works hard to cool your home, the parts will wear down sooner. Eventually, you’ll have to repair these parts, which is costly. Getting the right size ensures that you don’t destroy any parts of the AC.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best AC

Besides getting an AC based on the size of your home, there are a few more factors that you’ll have to consider. One of them is indoor air quality. Some AC units feature components like high-efficiency air filtration systems and humidifiers as add-ons. Asking about these add-ons can help you get the best out of the AC unit.

On the other hand, you should consider the different brands in the market. Name brands are ideal because most manufacturers choose specialists to work with. By going with a well-known brand, you get to enjoy a quality unit and find specialists who know how to install and maintain the unit. When checking the different brands, you should also ask about the warranty. Most manufacturers require contractors to offer a minimum of a 1-year warranty. However, you can often come across longer warranties.

Finding the right contractor to install and maintain your unit is also crucial. This can affect the quality of your purchase since a professional will take their time to ensure that the AC is properly installed. Furthermore, a quality-oriented professional will use ancillary components and the right techniques. Before making the purchase, the contractor can help you evaluate your home and different units to ensure that you get a unit to satisfy your individual needs.

Asking for recommendations can help you identify the best AC units for your home. You can look online for reviews on the best AC units to consider for your home. During your research, you will also come across specialists like Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning who can help with the AC installation and maintenance.

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