3 Ways to Uncover Air Leaks in Your Home

3 Ways to Uncover Air Leaks in Your HomeIf you feel like your home is less energy efficient and your energy bills are higher than they should be, air leaks might be to blame. In the Kirkland, Washington area, where winters are cold and damp, that wintry air can seep into your home and impact your ability to stay comfortable. Not to mention, it can raise your energy bills!

Air leaks can stay under the radar unless you do some careful detective work around your home. Take a look at these three techniques that our technicians at Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning recommend for checking your home for air leaks:

1. The Candle Technique

One of the easiest methods for discovering air leaks around your home is by using a candle. To make sure the test is as accurate as possible, turn off your furnace, air conditioner, and any fans before you begin. Next, light a candle and walk around your home, moving the candle near the edges of any exterior facing doors and windows. When the candle flickers or blows out, there’s a draft in that spot.

2. The De-Pressurization Technique

For this test, you’ll need a stick of incense instead of a candle. As with the candle test, you’ll have to turn off your furnace, air conditioner, and any fans before you get started. Next, light up the incense and pass the stick near the seams of doors and windows. Be sure to keep a close eye on the smoke: if it gets blown inward or sucked outward in a particular spot, that’s a sign of an air leak.

3. The Device Method

If you’re looking for a more advanced method aided by technology, you can pick up a leak detector from your local hardware store. One of the benefits of using a device is that it can pick up even minute changes in air pressure from the smallest of leaks. Plus, a convenient indicator light will flash to let you know beyond the shadow of a doubt if there’s a leak or not.

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