3 Ways to Clean Your Furnace

Working with a professional heating and cooling service, like the team at Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning in Seattle, is certainly important in addressing furnace repair and heating maintenance needs, but you can still do your part to ensure your system runs efficiently.

Keep your unit clean. It’s really that simple!

A furnace that’s caked in dust, dirt, and general grime isn’t going to operate as efficiently as a clean one. Here are three ways you can keep your furnace system lean, mean, and clean.

1. Change or Clean the Air Filter

To facilitate proper airflow from your furnace to the rest of your house, you need a clean air filter in place. If your furnace is equipped with a reusable filter, take time every few months to remove it, gently vacuum out dust and debris, and run it under warm water. Once it’s dry, you can insert the newly cleaned filter.

Many furnaces, however, have disposable air filters. In these cases, make sure that you replace the air filter every couple of months.

2. Declutter the Area Around Your Furnace

Your furnace room might seem like the most convenient spot to shove all the unwanted objects in your home, but furnaces actually operate most efficiently when they have proper airflow and ventilation.

Make sure that your furnace rooms stays well ventilated (i.e., keep the door opened or cracked), which means you should avoid piling up a bunch of household junk.

3. Vacuum Inside Your Furnace and All Accessible Vents, Registers, and Air Ducts

Dust might not seem like a huge issue, but when it builds up over time, it can start to interfere with your furnace’s performance.

At least once a year, take the time to remove the cover from your furnace and gently vacuum out the dust from inside. The same concept applies to your vents, registers, and air ducts. When dust settles in these areas, it can negatively affect airflow.

Vacuum out areas you can reach, and then consider hiring professional duct cleaners for a more thorough job once every few years.

Lean on the Pros for Technical Work

When you encounter technical needs for your furnace, rely on licensed and trained professionals, like those on staff at Black Lion Heating & Air Conditioning. Our crew members are equipped to diagnose and address the more extensive needs of your furnace to make sure it’s safe, effective, and efficient. Call us today to schedule an appointment. We can also assist with AC repair, cooling maintenance, and electric work.

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